SEO Ideas

Today I’m going to share with you the top five link-building techniques to improve your website’s SEO.

01. Targeting Journalists on Facebook.
Press releases are blant and nowadays they usually don’t tend to attract journalists. Many believe that spending hundreds of dollars to get that press release to the journalists and publish them is usually a futile exercise. Instead I would recommend that you can use the Facebook advertisement to specify the target audience that is your journalist. Initially what you can do, is you can aggregate a list of journalists in Facebook and then create Facebook ads using your blog post which you have written and targeting only those specific journalists. This technique will not only be effective but will also cost pennies and very less out to reach out to those journalists.

02. Find Sponsorship.
If you are a small business serving to a local community or a specific geography then the organizations in your town or neighborhood can have specific links which can have a good deal of SEO impact. I would first suggest performing a backlink analysis and seeing the competition. Identify the links you would get through sponsorship. Once the right events are done, it is just a matter of budget on how you would allocate them. This should be a great way in building links from colleges, universities or the local events.

03. Creating a Shareable Content.
You always don’t need to use that useful links and resources to build your links. Sometimes doing things fun can bring in links too. For instance, you can build a Pac-Man game in your website’s 404 error page. This would make the visitors that visit there by surprise. So what you gonna end up is that people will be a hyperlink in your site .

04. Identify the Dead Businesses Around.
It is definitely true that new businesses grow every now and then but this is also true that businesses die as well. You might want to identify the websites in your industry which have died down or shut down. Analyzing their back link will help you identify that some websites have a high authority of linking up to the now-dead websites. You might get this websites replaced their deadly links with the new contents that you have by just emailing the owner of the website.

05. Turning Copyright Violations to Opportunities.
Businesses that own their content are usually vulnerable to the other services in the media where their content – their photos, their videos are used by other web sites without their permission. Instead of threatening them with lawsuits, what you can do is that and you can build up a relationship with them and have your links linked up to their websites. For instance, searching for his opportunity is very simple. What you can do is that have your image, pull them up to the Google search bar and see how many people are using your image without your consent. So, go now and check how many people are using your image without your permission.