#1 Online Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business

24 thoughts on “#1 Online Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business

  1. Jeff Myatt

    excellent Perry, I think we often over think marketing and focus on things
    that waste time and money. Very important to remember when marketing
    products to engineers as well.

  2. ESOSA

    Thank you +PlanetPerry i have an interview tomorrow ( Head of marketing and
    communication for a luxury goods company) and this video helped but are
    there any other links for quick tips. Nigeria is an emerging market with a
    HUGE percentage of aspirational consumers. Any advice on how one can get
    them to convert and PAY?

  3. ezeazar1

    Hi thanks for this I’m reading the cheatsheet and looks interesting. Don’t
    mean to be negative but i thought i should point out a misspelling 🙂
    2nd page: “Before we being ” you meant : “before we begin” – just repaying
    in a tiny way

  4. HL Lee

    Can I find out what are the type of company that will use social media on
    the daily basis to track their customer feedback on their behaviour? I know
    some of them spend some resources doing it but only seldom or once in a

    Thanks for the advise

  5. keepitlo00

    First off i have your book…But at first i thought this video was leaning
    toward the “isn’t this leaning toward common sense region” but the final
    tip about the economics of your customer or avatar made this video worth
    its weight in gold. Thanx for the info sir.

  6. Keller Media

    Wow! This is genius! Every person marketing a product or service needs to
    watch this, because the natural tendency for all of us is to pitch everyone
    on our products or services, instead of paying attention to whether the
    customer is even qualified to buy (has the money) and whether or not we are
    willing to make effort to “get inside the conversation in their head.”


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