10 YouTube SEO Tips: Increase YouTube Search Rankings [Creator Tips #4]

http://rseo.co/youtube-seo-tips ► YouTube SEO Tips from the YouTube Creator Playbook. YouTube put all their best practices and strategies into this book and offered some advice as to what affects the YouTube search algorithm and how you can best optimize your videos to take advantage of YouTube SEO.

10 Tips for YouTube SEO
YouTube SEO Tip #1) Likes and favorites increase your videos rankings in YouTube search.

YouTube SEO Tip #2) Publishing videos regularily to YouTube will improve your rankings in the YouTube search algorithm.

YouTube SEO Tip #3) More content will lead to more viewership and more rankings in the algorithm. YouTube wants you to keep posting videos to YouTube.

Metadata is critical
YouTube SEO Tip #4) Write good titles. Put keywords first and branding at the end. Make sure they are compelling titles.

YouTube SEO Tip #5) Include keywords in your tags and place those most important keywords and keyword phrases at the start of your tags fields. Include common and specific keywords (dont spam). write 12 or more tags and use as much of the characters as possible.

YouTube SEO Tip #6) Put your most compelling information first in your videos’ description on YouTube and be sure to include plenty of keywords. Make sure you include links to other content you own and any other links that users could use to learn more about you. Also include a recurring keyword tagline.

YouTube SEO Tip #7) YouTube’s search algortithm favors videos that link to and drive traffic to other YouTube assets within annotations.

YouTube SEO Tip #8) Having your videos listed in playlists improves your content’s rankings in YouTube.

YouTube SEO Tip #9) Having a lot of video responses will also help indicate to YouTube that your video is popular and relevant and will help with SEO for YouTube.

YouTube SEO Tip #10) Respond to comments in the first hours after the video is published because building comments early helps build rankings in YouTube search.

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YouTube’s Creators Playbook – http://www.youtube.com/yt/creators/playbook.html

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  7. Mahir Cecen

    At 2.10 you say that we can “Repeat or list additional tags in bottom of
    description” – is that still allowed? Please respond!


    btw, is it possible, and if so do you have a video tutorial, to move a
    video from my old youtube channel to my new youtube channel??


    oh, one more question, i have a template set up with tags already for all
    videos i upload. then i just go it and add specific tags for each video i
    upload that pertain to that specific video. the problem is that these tags
    are probably the most important ones as the others are general. your
    tutorial says to put most important tags first in the list. but i cant get
    the uploader to let me move tags or place tags first. it only lets me add
    to the end of tags already on the template. is there a way around this??

  10. FoolyLiving

    It seems they keep changing the algorithm. Do you have a new video on this?
    I am doing something dreadfully wrong with this channel because most videos
    that I put up, have the same 5 recommended videos (nothing to do with my
    video) on it. I win sometimes, but I lose a lot. Not really sure what I’m
    doing wrong.

  11. Jake Pranger

    great video, I really liked it. I’ve in the industry as well. Have you had
    any trouble with humming bird?

  12. Jerry Trainello

    I am new to YouTube, I have a very good video and product {EasyMark box
    joint Jig} yet I am not getting the hits I expected, how can I correct
    this. Thank You.
    Jerry T. 


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