16 thoughts on “2014 SEO Tips To Future Proof Your SEO

  1. Corvin Nathanson

    Superior quality content together with contextual one way links from
    authentic platforms is without question what currently is working in
    2014.Normally i count on R8SEO for my SEO campaigns and so the results are
    outstanding.You can discover it on G0ogle.

  2. Angus Findlay

    Great quick summary of some key points in today’s search engine marketing.
    #SEO #onlinemarketing 


    Nice video on SEO tips, completely agree with your suggestions for future
    proofing your website. It’s very important to have great content!

  4. Steve Presley

    Google states I have 96 duplicate meta descriptions. The problem is, Google
    is still crawling these URL’s even though Google recognizes that
    I submitted these URL’s for removal many weeks ago. This is making me

  5. Oliver Ewbank

    It can take a while for Google to exclude URL’s from their index. Try
    excluding in the robots.txt or re-writing the duplicate Meta anyway. 


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