30 plus 1 Simple Ways to Market Your Local Business Online

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30 plus 1 Simple Ways to Market Your Local Business Online

Advertise using Facebook Ads
Advertise using Twitter feeds
Advertise in online industry newsletters
Advertise in online trade publications
Advertise on YouTube videos through Google Adsense
Advertise on search engines result pages such as Google, Yahoo and Bing
Advertise on Websites, forums & chatrooms by contacting the site owners
Create your own online newsletter
Start building an email list database and use it to send out marketing messages
Form strategic alliances with related businesses such as joint ventures.
Market your products on Amazon
Market your products on Ebay
Create a commissioned sales force of affiliate marketers. You can join an affiliate network to handle the administration of your affiliate program such as Clickbank, Commission Junction Shareasale, Paydotcom etc
Hold online webinars and invited top-rated experts in your industry to interview
Use YouTube and other video sites to give free talks, demos and advice
Create your business listing in online business directories
Use mobile text messages to communicate with your list. These have over 90% open rates.
Hold online contests, sweepstakes and promotions
Set up an RSS feed to get your local business blog content syndicated across the web.
Set up a podcasting channel
Hold online polls and surveys on your site or outsource to survey firms
Use search engine optimization techniques to get your local business website ranked high on search engines
Create a Facebook Fan Page or Facebook Group
Give away free gifts with high-perceived values to entice people to opt-in such as coupons, free samples, free reports with never-been-released information
Sponsor online and offline events that attract your target market
Employ viral marketing techniques online using social media
Buy or exchange databases of email lists
Add physical address details to your email list and try direct marketing
Create a paid membership site
Mobile optimize your blog, website or landing pages so that they can be viewed by mobile surfers
Make sure your local business gets listed on Google Maps

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