22 thoughts on “5 Mini SEO Tips to Help You Get an Edge on the Competition

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    Are you baffled by #seo and how it can help you promote your blog and
    build links? Check out this quick and simple video from #smartpassiveincome! Great tips for newbie and seasoned bloggers!

  2. Ree Klein

    If you have a web site and want a few awesome SEO tips, watch Pat Flynn’s
    video below. It’s a good use of 17 minutes of your time!

  3. Herbert Bento

    Great tips! There are so many important stuff we need to take care while
    posting on our blogs! An article like: points you should not forget to do
    before posting on your blog … Tks, Herbert Faria.

  4. Unique SEO Tips

    Thanks for the amazing tips Pat Flynn! This is really helpful in making
    your website gain excellent portfolio and higher search engine rankings.

  5. Cathleen Keene

    Hi Pat! Great stuff! I shared this with our 350+ members on Author’s Forum
    on Facebook (join us authors). What video captioning system do you use? 

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    If you’re looking for the search engine optimization experts, outsource to
    the Philippines and get fast and measurable results.

  7. Niki Bullas

    Thank you so much Pat. Great, simple tips – easy to implement and I always
    trust your recommendations. Shall be implementing these tips. Cheers

  8. Soumitra Ghotikar

    You mentioned to shorten the permalinks. But they say to make the Longtail
    things fetch more taffic. How do I relate this with the longtail thing ?

  9. Paulstreet SEO

    Hello, I’m so glad that you have given us the SEO tips on how to rank
    national and international companies on Google.com. Thanks to you. I really
    appreciate all the tips that you have provided.

  10. Harry Duran

    It’s these short and power-packed tips which are providing a ton of value.
    I’ll be putting these to use immediately. I feel that these are getting
    better and better Pat. Short + Sweet. Thanks, -Harry

  11. Jake Pranger

    I really like your video man. I’ve been doing this stuff for a while now.
    how long have you been in this business?


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