5 Steps To Build A Local Business Marketing System


Are you looking for a business marketing system?
Do you want a business marketing system specifically designed for small and local businesses?
Are you fed up and confused and want a simple 5 Step Local Business Marketing System?

This video is for small or local business owners who want to understand how to market their goods or services online and why they should sign up for this free marketing series which explains the 5 simple steps local business owners should focus on to market effectively.

Follow this training series and learn how any local business can market their goods or services through all of the online marketing channels for just 20 – 30 minutes effective work each day.

Free training for local business owners on local business marketing.

So my one aim with this free training is to show you “How to Achieve a Constant Flow of New Customers, Clients or Leads” for your business using an “All in One Local Business Marketing System”.

Video Transcript:
Slide 1 – How to Achieve a Constant Flow of New Customers or Clients
Slide 2 — Main Benefits of Training
Slide 3 — Who is Steve Brown
Slide 4 — A Simple 5 Step Plan
Slide 5 — Noise
Slide 6 — Online Noise
Slide 7 — Local Internet Marketing
Slide 8 – More Local Internet Marketing Channels
Slide 9 — Where Does This Leave You?
Slide 10 — Confused!
Slide 11 — BIA/Kesley Report
Slide 12 — Happy Google Adwords Client
Slide 13 — Google Adwords
Slide 14 — Google Adwords Campaign
Slide 15 — Free Training
The following training videos are totally free and all you have to do to access them is enter your name and email address below this video to gain immediate FREE access.

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