7 Small Business Marketing Strategies – Top small business marketing strategies

http://www.printrepublic.co.uk/ These 7 small business marketing strategies are designed to help owners of small to medium to sized businesses grow their sales and profits. Often business owners have one thing in common. Although they may be very good at delivering the products and services their company provides, the problem they have is ensuring enough people really know about it!

So the common problem is how to improve their Sales & Marketing!

From defining your niche, showing your customers proof that your business is the company they should choose, to building a personality into your business. These are all simple and easy to implement small business marketing strategies that every business owner should do.

In this video, Stefan Boyle, founder of www.PrintRepublic.co.uk gives 7 small business marketing strategies every business owner should be implementing into their business today!

25 thoughts on “7 Small Business Marketing Strategies – Top small business marketing strategies

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    These basic steps and marketing strategies couldn’t have been said any
    better. Thanks for sharing this video and paving the way for many small
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    Haha, today I want to talk about how you wear the same cloths everyday or
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  9. Tony Balony

    i think the two worse mistake small business makes is not really clarifying
    what goods and/or service they offer.
    how often u pass by small business u see a logo but u have no idea what
    they do…also i seen lot of business fail
    because of their location . ex :i seen some business with like 10 parking
    spots in a busy area close to a red light , people-customers are too
    subconsciously lazy to get in trouble to get in your location, you gotta
    make sure you facilitate their experience and make it easy for them to be a

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    I agree with all these tips! Specifically when asking for testimonials, a
    lot of prespects are looking for proof and results before signing up for
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