A Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing, Amazon FBA, Web Design, Small Business

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A day in the life of a small business entrepreneur. A balance of small business, amazon fba, internet marketing, ebay, kids, wife, family time and more!

17 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing, Amazon FBA, Web Design, Small Business

  1. Kathleen Brown

    I agree with you wholeheartedly… we can Design the life we want, and not
    just “settle”. And your girls are too cute!… thanks for the Xmas song

  2. ThriftyTheresa

    Hello from Seattle! Go Seahawks! Realkly neat video – I en joyed seeing how
    you spend your day. You’re a busy, busy man. Do you ever feel you have too
    much on your plate?

  3. Louie The Seller

    Cory, You had my respect as an entrepreneur, but I now respect you more as
    a family man…Awesome! I have two daughters also…one is 24 and the other
    is 18.

  4. Ervin Pegues

    Great video. Very inspiring. I bought Mobile click code and will have my
    first product in about 2 weeks. AWESOME COURSE!!!! worth more than what you
    charged for it.. Can’t wait for the next on.. Thanks!!!

  5. colust

    Hi is there anyway I can get into RA here in the UK. It drives me up the
    wall. Everything I check is the same price as Amazon. 

  6. ShaunieceCooks

    WOW TFS you do much in a day , more than most. I have a lot of respect for
    you also Mr Cody. I talk a lot about you to my brother, and that is
    saying a lot. My brother and I are very close.

  7. Alex M

    Such a cool video, thanks Cody and your little girls were lovely singing
    the Xmas song! I really like your vision on how we should all design our
    lives exactly the way we want….Best of luck! 

  8. CardiganJane

    Hi, would u consider sharing a link to a PDF of a more specific daily
    schedule and perhaps a layout of you multiple income streams? Thank you!
    Great vid.

  9. Dave Koziel

    Thanks for the shout out Cody! What Cody says is true. When I came to him
    over the summer and signed up for his coaching program I literally knew
    NOTHING about selling on Amazon and next to nothing about selling on Ebay.
    In about 4 – 5 months Cody helped me to hit $13,000 in sales between Amazon
    and Ebay in the month of November and not only hit but surpass my goal of
    making $2500 profit from reselling. Thanks again Cody!

  10. Breeanna Sierra

    I loved this video! Everything you said in the video is soooooo true! Time
    freedom and happiness are EVERYTHING! I’m currently a bartender and run a
    cleaning company with my husband too. We bust our butts but I know its not
    the answer. I want to start FBA soon. Picking up extra shifts and selling
    on ebay so I can start sourcing soon. I’m interested in working with you
    after I get started so we can “scale” our business(s). Thanks for all the
    info I have learned an incredible amount since I started watching a few
    weeks ago!

  11. chris42000000

    Hey Cody, when shipping to amazon fba, do they require blank new boxes? Or
    is it just as fine to have a good reused box? The reason I ask is I can get
    free boxes that have nothing wrong with them, just they may be marked for
    other products. My wife works at a grocery store. 


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