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We all know video is here to stay. Just look at the power and popularity of sites like YouTube.

Most of us know major advertisers and Fortune 500 corporations have been exploiting video marketing for some time now. And pretty much laughing their way to the bank along the way.

For a while there, the idea of smaller businesses being able to benefit the same way from video seemed to be a pipe dream.

Well those days are over!

Believe it or not, launching a professional video marketing strategy has never been easier or more cost-effective, than right now. Even the smallest “mom and pop” businesses can effectively use video marketing to generate leads and sales that quite frankly, are amazing.

With IA as your video marketing partner, we will ensure that your video marketing efforts won’t be wasted. You will not have to go through the dreaded learning and trial and error curve in order to become successful. This is what actually kills most businesses who try to market online!

IA has you covered in every phase…

From production to marketing!

We will either custom-produce your video, or you can use one of our pre-produced videos which we will custom-brand for your business, at an incredibly low-cost.

A one-time fee covers the production costs with no other fees or charges.

What makes IA’s approach to video marketing unique, is that we cover the marketing side of the equation as well as production. Just creating and posting the video is not enough. In order to ensure that your video not only gets seen, but seen by your target audience, that requires the right know-how.

When you decide to bring in IA as your video marketing partner, there is no need to worry about anything else. We literally handle the entire process for you.

From point A to Z!

If your business depends on leads,
then you NEED video marketing!

Here is a fact: There is simply no better, no more cost-effective way to generate leads for most service-type businesses than video marketing. Hands down.


Simply put, once you produce a video and get it ranking on Youtube for your desired keywords, there is simply nothing else you need to do. The video will continue working for your business and generating leads on demand until you take the video down.

By providing the right call-to-action on the videos, you can be assured that your prospects will pick up the phone and/or click on your link to contact you for the services/products that they need.

Our goal is simple:

To provide comprehensive, cost-effective and affordable solutions for any size business, anywhere in Canada to develop a video marketing campaign that works. No matter how your prospective customers are looking for you.

Let us help you get your business on the right track with video marketing!

We encourage you to try the video marketing service package
that’s right for your business.

At no risk to you!

Try any of our video services and/or marketing packages for just 90 days.

If you are not happy with the results or don’t feel they were worth the investment, just contact us.

We will do what it takes to make you happy or give you a full, courteous refund.

Remember, the risk is 100% on us.

So, contact us now

Have questions? Need help?

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