Calgary Marketing – 3 ways to Always Be Marketing 403-775-6969

Calgary Marketing: Always Be Marketing Your Business 403-775-6969
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25 year Calgary marketing veterans Chris Hamilton and Kersten Kloss explain on their business show BizDevWeekly how important it is to always be marketing your business.

Business owners often fall into the trap of executing on sales – the procurement and execution process takes over. The problem with small business owners is that often they get wrapped up in executing when sales come in and forget to still market themselves.

The problem is that when the sales is completed and delivered they often find they have lost their sales momentum and sales literally drop off.

You always have to invest a portion of your day to create some kind of marketing process. They recommend around 20% of your day should be dedicated to some sort of self promotion, advertising or marketing to generate sales leads.

Remind yourself to always be getting out there and engaging with new potential clients. This does not necessarily have to be each day, but to focus a certain amount of your regular schedule to promoting your business.

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Topic: Calgary Marketing – How to Always Be Marketing Your Business
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6 thoughts on “Calgary Marketing – 3 ways to Always Be Marketing 403-775-6969

  1. K George

    I agree – always be marketing. A great business coach taught me right out
    of the gate to spend a chunk of every week on the business not just be
    caught up in it. Marketing is where the new business comes from so it has
    to be daily, weekly and as Chris says make it part of your DNA.

  2. Diane Paresso

    My millionaire partners have always told me to keep my funnel full and
    sooner or later the prospects will begin to flow through. This video
    definitely reinforces that training. Your business development video is
    very concise and well discussed. I look forward to seeing more of them.

  3. netcastevent

    Thanks for the words of support. Still the problem for smaller owner
    operators seems to be how to stop the sales>fulfillment>sales pendulum from
    swinging. It is a genuine issue for many.

  4. New Lucid Business Development, Calgary Marketing Company and Advertising Agency

    BizDevWeekly – The business Development Show


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