Classified Ad Marketing – Tip # 24 & 25…Internet Marketing for Small Business

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Classified Ad marketing

Craiglist, Kijiji, Oodle and other sites accept ads for products and services, new and used. These ad systems aggregate local ads make them availabe internationally. Oodle propogates by connecting to big communities. Kijiji is growing. They make money selling featured ads, banners and links.

Managing online ads is an important part of an ad campaign. Be ready! Use the tools of the site to know when people have questions. Be ready with answers. Post as often as you can. Measure the effectiveness.

And old marketing thought was it takes many times (20+) of seeing something before a person might act on it… or something like that. You get the point. Be seen. Be found. Often. It builds brand recognition and trust and familiarity.

Classified Ad marketing – – Classified Ads are FREE

Your FREE Business Classified Ads (not for products and services – but for all the other types of business transactions that occur). offers full support for all types of business transactions and sales and service arrangements. – Coming Soon! Pre-register now.

Small Business Marketplace
…….. with Classifieds Listings for all types of business transactions

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