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If you are a business owner with a business and you were not successfully growing your business by using Internet marketing to market a product or service, the information in this article will be very valuable to you. Now it doesn’t matter whether your business is local, regional or even nationwide or global.

What’s needed these days for successful business operations is the knowledge to take advantage of the new online marketing platforms that many of your prospects and customers are using to find business owners. You want to find out about this before your competitors do, because they are starting to do it more and more each day. If your customers do not know where to find you on the internet, they won’t find you on the Internet, and they will not buy from you.

The truth is you just can’t afford to ignore what’s going on today. People today are searching for products and services on the Internet more and more. So I want you to understand exactly what you can do right now to get found online, and engage more prospects who were searching for your services on their turf. They will appreciate you in this regard more than you know – if you do it right.

Now after they find you online, the next step is to convert more of these customers to buy your products, and turn them into raving fans about your business.

At this time, almost 97% of customers now use online searches to research products and services, and then decide whether or not to get a service or product from a local business. But they do decide to get it from some local business — it might as well be you, right?

On an increasing basis, the new word-of-mouth is the online social media with people using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and many other forms of social media. Facebook and Twitter have a combined number of members of over 700 million people.

YouTube is now the second largest search engine, where people go to get answers to their questions more and more each day. I know myself, if I don’t understand something or want to more about something, I now just type in keywords to the YouTube channel and there will be at least two or three videos explaining in detail how to perform the task that I was wondering about. How to kayak comes to mind, or what scuba equipment is the safest to use. Perhaps you have done this yourself at one time of another.

In our own business, Customer Finder™ Marketing, we help business owners use these online internet marketing tools to find more customers, get them to call you, arrive at your business, and buy products and services.

Visit to find out more information about how we can find customers for you. There is a short video to watch there. Or feel free to just call us direct at 727-642-3315. Or for a free marketing strategy session for your business, complete our survey at

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