How To Get Customers – Local Business Marketing

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How to get customers for your local business is always a hot topic. In this video you’ll learn 5 specific marketing tactics you can use immediately to get customers in the door of your local business.
While we focus on a cupcake business, no matter what you sell, you’ll get ideas you can use now!
#1 – The importance of staying in touch with prospects and customers and why having a business email list is the cheapest and easiest way to do it.
#2 – Why finding local partners to connect to and form with relationships with can sky rocket your reach.
#3 – A specific strategy you can use with social media to attract local customers.
#4 – How to highlight customer testimonials to show social proof.
#5 – Why you need to show people the key ways you are different to stand out in the crowd.
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How To Get Customers: Local Business Marketing

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25 thoughts on “How To Get Customers – Local Business Marketing

  1. Lewis Figueroa

    Im network marketing and I want to know or even do you have strategies or
    ideas of how can I get customers? ????

  2. Joshua Roberson

    Rule your turf by reaching out to your market. It’s very essential to
    interact with your customers and potential clients. Remember to post your
    contact details on your website.

  3. bruce lee

    It’s hard to take this lady serious with her ghetto, inappropriate and
    unprofessional ways of delivering her message, regardless of she’s trying
    to be “fun” or “entertaining.” Imagine your lawyers or doctors doing this
    before a procedures. What a clown. Total joke, regardless of the solid
    information. Delivering is also part of the quality.

  4. Renee Hollifield

    once again! THANK YOU! I have been selling online since 2006 – I have
    customers all over the world but no local market at all. You are a
    rockstar! Thank you for this!

  5. Agne Baneviciute

    Well it is unfortunate that she closed her business, but Any cupcake or
    small business could also work their social media strategy is a great
    strategy too :), running contests to customers, running children promotions
    they always have a sweet tooth outside a store, changing business model and
    adding same day cupcake delivery options to home as well. 

  6. Karen Jones

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    manner. Well, a lot of what she said about small- to medium-scale business
    marketing concerns can be easily addressed by digital marketing agencies.
    You just have to let them know what you need and they will do the online
    marketing job for you.

  7. Deniz Türkçü

    Local Business Marketing #smallbusinesses #startuptips
    #marketingonline #creativity
    How To Get Customers – Local Business Marketing

  8. Alban Gbo

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    Your own unique name for Your business on social media sites, write blogs
    and articles, then simply ask people to, Google Your unique name, and all
    Your online results will be found. This will make it easier for You. If You
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  9. New Life Photography

    I need help building my photography business. Hellllllllllpppppp PLEASE. Im
    a small business entrepenuer and need to grow my business. Any ideas.


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