How to Market Your Local Business Online (Part 2)

Learn how to market your local business online with Marketing Consultant, Cinnamon McCann. For Part 1 go to

Additional resources:

Tutorial that shows you how to list your business on Google Places

This video will show you steps you can take to make sure your local business shows up on the first page of Google search page results. After implementing the steps in this video give up to 2 months to see results.

3 thoughts on “How to Market Your Local Business Online (Part 2)

  1. Daniel Fortes

    I definitely don’t like to be a talking head… that’s why I like over the
    shoulder 🙂 Nice video Cinnamon!

  2. Tanya Morrison

    Hi Cinnamon. As usual, this video is packed with very useful content. I
    paused and went to setup our snorkeling business in google places! Very
    helpful! Thanks!


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