How To Market Your Local Business Online

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7 thoughts on “How To Market Your Local Business Online

  1. Rajesh Rajput

    hey Neil I am biggner that’s why I write artical by taking inspiration from famous blogger,can I be successful


    Hey Neil,

    As usual, great tutorial video!

    Just one thing about your last step by getting Yelp reviews. I’ve had my clients leaving reviews on there and 7 of them were removed because Yelp felt those were not useful.

    I am running a pain clinic in Downtown Toronto, Canada and I have been using Google to search all of the local listings and been adding my clinic info on there.

    What other things might you suggest I do?


  3. Akash Srivastava

    You are an inspirational person (my ideal in marketing field), with these short videos – you are telling THE EXACT things that need to be done to become successful in marketing. Great Neil 🙂

  4. WebScripto Pty Ltd

    Thank you for the Video, Neil! Over here in South Africa we use Yellosa for local business listing which is also very effective.

  5. Anthony Noronha

    Hi! Neil, this is Anthony from Mumbai, India. This video like other videos of yours was informative and focused towards local seo. Thanks alot. I create surgery videos for cosmetic surgeons and ortho surgeons and optimize them online. Do throw some light on video seo too, if possible.


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