How To SEO, Easy SEO Tips

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How to SEO and easy SEO tips from Dr. FrankenSEO. Luv you all.X0X0 Renae.

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20 thoughts on “How To SEO, Easy SEO Tips

  1. Tricia Salmon

    How can you hate sprinkles??? They are so cheerful! And if you live near
    Philly like me….you can the chocolate ones, Jimmies!

  2. Tricia Salmon

    And tell Dr. Frankenstein-SEO that the basics are really helpful to those
    of us just starting out.

  3. Willow Star

    How did I miss long tailed(?) keywords?? I must click! And I’m with you &
    tom….sprinkles gross & intrusive little lumpy bits that, if anything,
    only work in theory. Even that’s sketchy lol

  4. Renae Christine

    ROFL @ intrusive little lumpy bits that only work in theory!!! I want to
    knit that on a pillow.

  5. Internal Arts Mind

    ..informative and entertaining video….how many personalities do you have?
    :)…… are doing a great job…..


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