Internet Marketing Consultant for Wellness Business

      1 Comment on Internet Marketing Consultant for Wellness Business “10 Tips Attract Clients 2 Your Wellness Biz.” Free intro to my work. My website: This is an intro for yoga teachers, wellness professionals like massage therapists, nutritionists etc. Learn to get your WordPress site to rank higher locally and get more clients!
SEO & internet marketing for wellness/yoga/massage/holistic small business. There are several basics every site should have, often they are missing even simple location information in key places on website. This is key for ranking locally.
The marketing tip I give in the video is that our yoga, massage, coaching, chiropractic website must contain your location in KEY places. Often one has to dig to find a simple address- it’s almost funny. So address (even if only town) needs to be in your website footer (which appears on every page.) Also the towns, you want to serve (like for private/corporate yoga) should be listed too. There are more places a location needs to be added to rank well on search engines. Get the tip sheet for more.
Get in touch for a simple free consult (limited time only,) where we can look at your website and get 3 tips about what could be improved and to find out what your goals are for your business.

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