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Zip Media is a local internet marketing company based in San Diego, CA., that specializes in helping small business owners and professional consultants gain more visibility online in their local market and generate more leads.

Lead Generation, Review Management, Website Development, Social Media to name just a few of the services we offer. Check us out online at for more information regarding pricing and services. Not sure which services you need, send us a message or give one of our consultants a call to help show you what your options are.

6 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Services & Small Business SEO | Zip Media

  1. johnny korkis

    I worked with Zip Media and +Ross McClure to help me show up more in
    search. There really wasn’t much to it and they help me through the
    process. Shortly after I followed back up with them to help optimize my
    listing and clean up the confusion with Google. Ross and Drew did exaclty
    what they said they would do. It did take a lil while but we were
    reassured by Google that things were being done! 

  2. vincent malerba

    I have been dealing with Zip media for the last 8 months and I still
    haven’t gotten any satisfaction.They were supposed to get me up and running
    on Google in one month and they have done nothing to get me on. I finally
    called Google after 8 months and got on myself. I have tried to call them
    and email them at least 100 time and they do not call you back or respond
    to any emails. They were pretty quick to take my money and string me along
    for 8 months and now it seems like all there phone lines are not taking any
    calls. Beware of this company they are not reliable and they make all kinds
    of broken promises. Very very bad company to do business with


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