Internet Marketing with Facebook 5 tips for Small Business

Internet Marketing with Facebook 5 tips for Small Business to get more from Online Marketing

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1) Use your own personal profile.

You can of course just become friends with the whole world or at least the 5,000 people Facebook will allow you direct connections with.

Or you can let people ‘Follow’ you.

Basically if someone follows you then they will see your public posts in their timeline;

really handy if you want to share information about your business.

To set your profile to allow followers

Go to your profile settings

Select Followers from the left column

Then select Everybody next to Who Can Follow Me?

Second Tip.

Get involved.

Actually interact with people, your friends and other connections on Facebook.

There are so many sole proprietors who only broadcast on Facebook about their business and then wonder why no one likes their posts or responds to them.

Remember it is Social Media – so get social.

Take some time to like someone’s cat post or their update about their kid’s sports achievements.

Celebrate someone’s graduation or exam results.

Be a genuine part of the Social circle.

Small business’s often say they want to be seen as part of the community – so be seen as part of the community,

stop broadcasting and start listening and chatting.

Third tip.

Get involved in Groups.

This is an extension, in some ways, of the previous tip.

Groups on Facebook are discussion forums based around a particular topic.

They cover anything and everything, some can be Hyperlocal and others international.

Seek out ones that are relevant to your business and get involved.

Once a member of a group be generous, answer questions, help out but don’t be a sales person.

This is about building relationships.

The sales opportunities will reveal themselves, once you are established (and if the group allows) maybe you can share a discount offer or put on a special event for members.

This can be particularly powerful for local businesses.

Tip 4.

Share out your Facebook Page Links on other Social Media and websites.

If you are using other Social Media, like Twitter or blogging, then find ways to link back to your Facebook page for your business.

Don’t just think ‘special offers’, think more ‘special content’.

Perhaps look for a reason to start a discussion that lends itself well to the Facebook style.

Maybe you could use your Facebook page to highlight your business" charity efforts?

Again the emphasis is on relationship building.

Here is the final tip.

Don’t use Facebook.

Go to any Social Media Marketing talk and they will mention Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but there are many more channels than that.

If Facebook is not working for you then consider changing tactics.

Perhaps one of the new channels such as Snapchat or

Or some more established ones like Instagram or Vine would suit you better.

Unlike the big 3 these are still evolving their business models so there is more room for small businesses to establish a presence at a lower fiscal cost than Facebook.

However you approach your Facebook Marketing do not forget to set up a system to measure its effectiveness.

It is easy to get carried away with Likes but what is often more valuable are signs of deeper engagement such as comments or shares.

Look at how to spot those you interact with regularly, ask yourself how can you nurture the relationship and perhaps encourage them to share more of your marketing.

So I hope that is helpful.

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Thanks for taking the time to watch this.

Presented by Stuart Smith, 3 Sheep Ltd

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