LIVE Small Business Marketing Challenge! (Local Marketing Ideas and Tutorials)

Follow along as I grow this small business, using online marketing techniques, and document the entire process:

I will be taking a local based business with almost ZERO online presence and building it up to take up multiple spots on Google for it’s keywords! I will be documenting the entire process on my website and YouTube channel for you to follow along.

We are giving away some awesome bonuses along the way and when this entire marketing challenge is over we will be giving away FREE coaching to 5 businesses so you can implement these marketing strategies!

If will be one of the most informative free marketing guides focused on Local Business. You can see what we did, how we did it and the results we got from it. So go ahead and follow this marketing challenge at

local marketing ideas

11 thoughts on “LIVE Small Business Marketing Challenge! (Local Marketing Ideas and Tutorials)

  1. pooreboy313

    Brandon , I find your videos inspiring I recently started a service company
    and I am eagerly looking forward to your next posts…thanks again!

  2. Sold With Video

    Hey thanks so much! That means a lot and I hope you learn a lot from this
    Live Challenge. It will be fun and hopefully help get your service company
    some new clients!

  3. Sold With Video

    Follow along as we grow this business and so you how to do it. We will be
    documenting the entire process!

  4. William Marshall

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