Local Business Internet Marketing Consultation

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An audio visual remote conferencing consultation session with a local client. The video is quite long and in future consultation sessions will be kept shorter.

In the video we discussed website design, web development, search engines, digital maps, site speed, backlinks, copy writing, content, video and audio.

This type of analysis, strategy and creativity is something I’d like to do more often with clients as a paid for session. The video would then be provided to them as part of the cost.

I used Skype with the Evaer plugin to capture the telephone audio conversation, and then booted up TeamViewer to invite David to view my screen from his computer several miles away.

Screencast-o-Matic was used to record my screen on my end, but in future I might try using the built in recording feature of TeamViewer – the only possible problem with this is that TeamViewer outputs to a much larger .avi instead of my preferred MPEG-4 format.

One important lesson I gained in this session is that having too many programs open at once puts a serious “lag” effect on the audio stream, meaning my conversation with David was of poor quality at times. The audio stream was recorded separately from the video capture, and the two were of different lengths when rendered!

In future, I will not open as many tabs simultaneously. I opened MS Excel at one point and the video quality was affected because of this.

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