Local Business Marketing – Secrets To Stealing Customers From Your Competitors


Earl Netwal is a Minneapolis based internet marketing consultant who works with locally based businesses, wherever they are located.

Internet marketing is no longer something just for large and medium sized businesses. Local businesses not only can, but must set themselves up to effectively market themselves to their local communities, even if they are only serving the immediate area within a 5 to 10 minute drive from their location.

Today internet marketing means much more than having a website. You need to consider adwords, pay per click advertising, You must have a Google Plus local business page, you should be considering using video and setting up a mobile website and much more.

Earl can help you take stock of your current situation, and take a look see at your competitors. He can then advise you a a prioritized set of steps you can take to not only succeed in your marketplace but to dominate it.

If you want to grow you business to the top of your market place, contact Earl at 612-408-9924 or email him at enetwal [at} gmail.com


The critical need that every business faces is the need to continuously attract new customers. Old one will die. move or defect for any number of reasons. Marketing is about constantly attracting new customers and getting them to keep coming back.

Proper use of internet marketing tactics can give you a distinct advantage, as the reality is that most small businesses and especially locally based businesses are not doing an effective job of marketing themselves online.

What that means to you, is that if you take a few minutes to learn what is possible, and then take steps to implement the simple strategies involved, is that you can get more than your share of new customers at the expense of your competitor who is sleeping at the switch. Or is it you that is sleeping at the switch and allowing your competitor snare customers that could be yours.


5 thoughts on “Local Business Marketing – Secrets To Stealing Customers From Your Competitors

  1. Sanato Gen

    Thank you very much, this is best insight into local business marketing
    that i have found on youtube. What new secrets have you discovered since
    making this video?

  2. Earl Netwal

    glad you liked it James, since I created this a little over a half year
    ago, I have been even more taken with the power of doing short targeted
    youtube videos and am particularly intrigued with Google + Hangouts, which
    I predict will become the new frontier for marketing in short order.

  3. Earl Netwal

    I encourage you to share and embed this video on your sites If you have any
    where it would make sense.


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