12 thoughts on “Local Business Marketing Strategies To Dominate Small Businesses In Your City

  1. OG

    Great video!

    Only thing don’t tell people to leave you a review on Yelp. It’s stupid, but it’s against their terms. You have to say I’m on Yelp, but cant in no way ask for them to leave a review.

  2. Donald Lockwood

    Great stuff!! Thank you. I’ve been kind of bouncing around wondering what to do next for promoting my business and this video was very clear and on point. When you said Gary’s name I was like “alright this guy is getting his info from the right places”. After watching the video I decided that I’m going to just focus on these steps until it’s done before moving on to gathering any more info.

  3. ralph corrales

    good advise ! I’m a local on the Go iphone repair service & I’m going to use these tips to my fullest ability! thanks, interested in seeing more

  4. Midgardian

    Interesting. I was always told that it was solicitation to go into another business to network with them. So, I naturally didn’t want to get into legal trouble. I have attended my local chamber of commerce, and I can’t justify $500 a year for the ability to talk to lawyers, doctors, and fitness trainers about computer repair and custom PCs. They aren’t my target market… (Young people don’t believe in starting businesses around here. They just leave the city/state as soon as they graduate.) I will have to re-learn how to use Facebook Ads as I haven’t done well with them so far. I called local businesses recently to start a “small business coffee hour” so people could network without fees. People thought I was trying to scam them, even when I said I’d pay for the coffee and food. I will be sure to subscribe! I have a lot to learn apparently.

  5. Hey Brother

    you know I really love it ,
    what I want from you is please do it on the screen for detail how to make facebook ad something like that, how much for facebook add per day, how to link to website
    how to make your 4 tips done



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