Local Video Marketing – Online Video Marketing For Small and Local Business

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As a small and local business owner your time if very limited, which is why you need to learn the most affordable and efficient ways to handle your video marketing. By getting your video ads produced and marketed the smart way, you can save yourself time, increase sales, customers, get more Facebook Likes, Yelp reviews, and even build an email list. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaa….YUP! All those things are possible with the proper small and local business marketing strategy.

There are several types of video ads that can be produced to effectively target all local residents searching Google and YouTube. It’s all covered in our 3 day course, but in this video we go over how you can get video ads produced affordably and how you can leverage those videos ads to get more Facebook Likes.

Be sure to stay to the end to really learn how you can increase the marketing efforts of your local business through video marketing. It all begins with getting video ads produced correctly to bring in local customers!

Local Business Video Marketing

20 thoughts on “Local Video Marketing – Online Video Marketing For Small and Local Business

  1. photosandfountains

    Another great video Brandon. Thanks for putting out so much useful free
    information for all us small business owners.

  2. Ray The Video Guy

    Wait… so we shouldn’t just pay $1800/month to have YellowPages come and
    make a video that they never promote and only link back to their site?

  3. Jake Perry

    Solution, just exploit poor college students with massive debt and huge
    equipment costs?…. I like you, and your videos dude, but I have to be
    honest, this left a bad taste in my mouth… I’m finishing school, and
    videos like these are making people feel like they can bully me around for
    video work because they don’t want to pay me anything for a product that
    will make them money. Keep making great videos man, I just didn’t feel the
    love in this one.

  4. Sold With Video

    Jake, I appreciate your opinion and feedback but I think you took my
    message the wrong way. Video students need to make a film reel and need
    samples to show. Most of the time they have to do it for FREE! That’s what
    I had to do. But, I am telling business owners to pay them for their
    work…not exploit them. Most students needing to build their film reel
    would be stoked to get paid to build their film reel.

  5. Sold With Video

    It ends up being a win win. The business owner gets video footage done for
    much less than a videographer would have charged. And, the college student
    wins because they got paid (for something they would have done for free)
    and they get to build their film reel/demos. Plus, the film student doesn’t
    have to do it if they don’t want to. No one is forcing them to do it. But
    from my experience, they are more than happy to do it and get paid for it.

  6. Sold With Video

    I just check it and it seems to be working. You can also click on the link
    in the video. If you are still having trouble with it feel free to email me
    from my website and I would love to send you the course.

  7. Video Broadcast Services

    That’s a hurdle for a lot of companies thinking that videos need to be
    expensive and that you have to come onsite to produce them.

  8. Keith Johnson

    im on day 1.
    Sold w/ video… can u add me on facebook. Id love to pick ur brain and
    also trade information too. I want to start this business and really
    excited. please add me and thanks for incredible knowledge. You could have
    been selfish and charged so we all thank you. Please add me @

  9. MabryCo

    The second tip is really useful for small businesses! I must commend the
    perky and enthusiastic man behind this video too. Thumbs up! 

  10. plainstreet1

    Nothing like driving in the industry right into the toilet! “College
    students for hundreds of dollars.” You and that mentality is why small
    businesses get screwed. Folks, do yourself a favor. You get what you pay
    for. Quality is commensurate with price like any other good or service you
    purchase. Terrible production advice. Nothing could be further from the
    truth. There are folks that charge fair rates for their services with the
    expertise to make you a professional product. This guy is full of manure. 


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