Magento Extension: SEO Friendly Category and SEO Tips for Magento

In this short video I demonstrate how to install and use this small and FREE Magento extension and I give a few SEO Tips that any Magento store owner should know.

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Do you have a big store with a lot of product subcategories? By default Magento generates a really long URLs for these subcategories. This can really kill your SEO because it gets translated to how ‘deep’ your pages are. Search engines lose interest after a certain level therefore, flat categories will allow you to gain this control once again and be able to optimize better for SEO.

This simple FREE extension can flatten your store URL structure and drastically improve your SEO in just few simple clicks.

5 thoughts on “Magento Extension: SEO Friendly Category and SEO Tips for Magento

  1. Spook SEO

    Extending your SEO is really good especially when you really care about the
    content of your product. Thank you for creating this video because this
    fact was highlighted even more. You will need a lot when you are working
    with articles because people will stay longer once you catch their


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