On Page SEO – Learn the 12 Steps of Onpage SEO – Blog Tips Part 1

On Page SEO

http://livinglikemike.com/blog-tips/ full seo blog tutorial will get you started in on page seo.

There are 12 steps of onpage seo that I always abide by when writing my blog posts. I focus on quality, relevance and select my keyword carefully. Then I use the keyword plugin so I get all of the on-page seo correct before publishing the blog.

This is step 1 of my 3 strategies I use to rank very high in the search results on the major search engines.

On page SEO is the 1st step in the overall strategy and a very important one. Make sure you do it right!

Using the keyword tool plugin ensures that it is done correctly.

Check it out.

► http://LivingLikeMike.com/likes/keyword-tool

on-page seo video http://youtu.be/Pb17AAeoVB4

25 thoughts on “On Page SEO – Learn the 12 Steps of Onpage SEO – Blog Tips Part 1

  1. Living Like Mike

    Thank you I’m glad you like it. I’ll have the second video out in this
    series hopefully in the next week or two.

  2. Dave Barber

    Hi Mike thanks for the video, obviously we now have the Keyword Planner
    which does exact match as default,but great info. Your videos make it
    easier for me, I work for Seo Manchester and always watch your channel.

  3. Living Like Mike

    yeah the keyword planner came out after I made this video. I’ll have to do
    an update video. glad the info is of benefit to you.

  4. Living Like Mike

    Thanks Spook. On page seo I’ve got down. I’ve seen your gigs on Fiverr and
    blackhat forum. Time for an off page seo video coming up.

  5. Ron Noble

    Excellent video in a world of just saying the buzz phrases other SEO
    writers are saying you cut to the chase and gave clean actionable
    instruction. Gret Job!!

  6. thala thalapathy

    sir we need help sir .. we are students .we need our site to be in the top
    of google ranking how to do it please reply sir . i will be happy if u
    reply me sir 

  7. Rama Krishna

    nice tips man. thank you so much. IS THERE ANY VIDEO FOR OFF PAGE SEO???


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