Online Business Solutions | Internet Marketing Solutions Many people starting an online business want tips on how to build a successful online business. It never ceases to amaze me that a lot of people with an online business are not earning some money.

When I receive questions from people who are struggling in their online business, I discover why they are not making any money?

They are doing many things wrong! I also feel that many have been sold on the idea the building an online business is easy. THIS IS NOT TRUE!

This is why, if they don’t see success in month or so, they quit and move on to the next shiny object.


So, I have some suggestions that you should do in your daily marketing for your online business. But, you do need to be honest about whether you really want a business and then decide whether you are going to actually put yourself into action.

If you put these suggestions into action, daily, you should, in time, begin to see some results in your business.

You can do these steps in any order, but remember, success in marketing begins with persistence and consistence in your efforts.

Be realistic, meaning, don’t expect overnight success. Businesses offering “Pie in the sky”, so to speak, should be avoided at all cost. Stay away from those businesses with those type of offers.

Do yourself a favor by investing in yourself, meaning, spend some time learning new skills and knowledge about online marketing and business building. Try looking for a resource of some kind that will help you generate the skills you need and point you in the right direction.

Nothing will happen if you don’t do anything. You owe yourself a chance at generating online business success.

25 thoughts on “Online Business Solutions | Internet Marketing Solutions

  1. Paçoca com mel

    The internet is full of misleading information. It is really sad but so
    many new people have trouble navigatin through all the information the
    internet dangles in their face.

  2. kris richard

    Being a novice in the internet business, and having no experience in
    building a webiste, I chose to hire someone. Now the site is up, but have
    had no hits in 3 months. Now I have to learn how to market myself.

  3. maxz Chenz

    It’s hard to find educated people on this subject, but you sound like you
    know what you are talking about. Thanks.

  4. ByDreamers

    I started internet marketing online but never even really considered it
    full time. But I was laid off recently and I’m trying to create my brand
    and grwo my business so I can never be laid off again.

  5. ElraromundodeJars

    I’m just starting my online journey and I know I’ve found my profession for
    life…love it.

  6. macfarthead22

    One of the biggest benefits I like about working from home is the time and
    energy saved from having to commute. Saves money on gas and auto insurance,
    plus you don’t have to get up two hours earlier just go get ready for work.

  7. RealOldAssBastards

    I recenly left my day job to start my own online business. My new site
    should be up this week. My business is aimed at helping startup businsses
    use the we to promote their business.

  8. DatSickness

    My biggest challenge it getting myself out of the mindset that I am not on
    a holiday, but actually working for myself.

  9. Gail Whitmire

    I’m starting my own online business and could use some help with web design
    and SEO. Could you give me an idea on how much you would charge to setup my
    website please?

  10. freestrawberry young

    I’m just plain scared to start an online business. But I have started
    building my own website. It is against everything I’ve been taught, but I
    am going to do this.

  11. Francisco Jose Gomez Serrano

    I work full time in the office and work part time as a freelance
    translator. I struggled for a certain amount of time and made money from
    running my won small business. It became a valuable experience. Then, I
    struggled in internet marketing to get people

  12. dominik stelzmüller

    I started creating websites because I would like to have a more meaningful
    life and follow my passion on sharing my advise to the world.

  13. BosniaGameplays

    To be honest, starting an online business is harder than I thought it would
    be; especially since I have a lot of experience in online marketing. But, I
    don’t regret a second of it.

  14. John Locke

    I think some people are suited for working for themselves while others
    prefer to follow. I just started my online journey but I have an offline
    business. It’s hard work but I actually enjoy it.

  15. Rodrygo Dias

    My biggest reason for starting an online business was the low barrier of
    entry. Another point worth mentioning is what you do and how hard you work
    directly affects what you get in return.

  16. New Money Crew

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    loans? Or maybe you just want some extra money in your pocket. There is a
    program in which you are able to make up to $1000 or more weekly. It might
    sound too good to be true, but this is the real deal. If you want to know
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  17. Steve Denness

    Lawrens video is one of the truest I have seen, she is dead right, building
    an online business can take a long time. Unless you find the help you need,
    if there is one thing you should do, to being a success online, it’s get a
    mentor to show you how. It works, all successful marketers have mentors to


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