Quick Google SEO Tips – Secret Tips for Powerful SEO. Fun, too!

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is all about getting to the top of Google for free. (For free class materials, go to http://bit.ly/google-tricks). In this quick video, Jason McDonald explains ten fun, free tips and secrets to help get your company to the top of Google and Bing. Free Google alerts, the Google SEO Guide, even Zerg Rush are covered as insights into how Google works and how you can influence Google and Bing to show your company on page one of a Google search. Internet marketing, explained.

21 thoughts on “Quick Google SEO Tips – Secret Tips for Powerful SEO. Fun, too!

  1. globalmarinenet

    This is excellent information that I can implement NOW to improve my site’s
    seo. Over the years I have found your training so helpful and it has made a
    significant difference in our site rankings. Thanks so much, Jason!

  2. Robert Hughey

    Excellent Resources here. I am experienced in most, but more importantly –
    you’ve shared what I’m unfamiliar with in such a clear and straight-forward
    manner that I feel confident about trying some new things, experimenting
    and learning what these services can do for me and my professional efforts.
    Thank you very much. 🙂

  3. jmgrp

    Hi Robert, I am so glad that I was able to share some unfamiliar items.
    Glad you were able to pull some new SEO tips info out of the videos.

  4. Kevin Ferrasci OMalley

    Very useful and helpful video for any small business owner. Thanks very
    much for putting this together. I also appreciate that you provided a lot
    of good value and didn’t heavy hype/sell your services.

  5. seoservices adelaide

    really good quality info…most people write a 20page ebook about stuff
    like this and sell it for $17-$37

  6. Spook SEO

    Cool tricks! The free tools and the tips are priceless! INdeed, Google’s
    given tons of resources and tools that we can use in optimizig our online
    business. Although I like the fact htat Google’s giving all of these tools
    for free, it’s still more advisable that you leave yoru SEO to service
    providers who are experts in what they do. It just simply removes all teh
    guessing game on your end.

  7. EverSpark Interactive

    Google has experimented with their page by adding and removing tricks for
    sometime. There are also many tools that Google provides for free. I think
    that when a website it new that one person can handle most of the SEO.
    However, as the site grows the site may need a more dedicated approach to


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