Results Marketing 101 | Advanced Marketing | Internet Marketing | Marketing Class | Business The Mind Map and the tools mentioned in this video are available here: Tonight’s Mind Map – (this is an xmind mind map – if you do not have xmind the software is available from – use the free version – works great on both mac and pc. Once you have downloaded the file and the software, right click the the file and choose open with xmind. I have provided this information for you instead of a pdf so that you will have a very free and powerful tool to help you progress. Mind Mapping is a great way to organize thoughts and plan your attack of projects. If you get stuck – search youtube for how to use xmind – my tutorial is located here:
XMIND Free Mind Mapping Software
How to open other mind map files in Xminds

The Course is Available Here: The 47.00 price point mentioned was only valid until 04/26/12 at 6:00 pm – It is only 67.00 until Monday night 6pm central 04/30/01 and then will increase again.

This is a comprehensive course that will give you the basic tools and understanding to become an effective marketer and offer valuable services to business owners Globally !

2 thoughts on “Results Marketing 101 | Advanced Marketing | Internet Marketing | Marketing Class | Business

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  2. Sean Smith

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