SEO Tips and Tricks [Part 2]

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SEO tips and tricks video tutorial shows you how to utilize Meta Keywords for your Google rankings. Google traverses the internet and its ranking algorithms combine all the data available in its database and then show results accordingly to the keyword searched.

Without going in depth into the way Google works, search engine optimization tips and tricks shared within this particular video tutorial session will show you how you can use HTML Meta Keyword user agent directives to increase your online footprint for Google rankings. So indirectly, you can train Google to understand your website content by properly using Meta Keywords as shown in the video session. You can learn more about Meta tags here:

SEO tip: each web page on your entire website should be unique per URL; this also includes your web page title, description and keywords. Although Google doesn’t take into calculation your webpage meta keywords, it does so look at your online footprint on other URL’s (as many search engine optimisation experts say “backlinks” so when you use this SEO trick, you are basically making Google have more data (text) attached to your details (URL) as stored within Google data bases (and that is taken into account when Google computes ranking algorithms) and you can also learn from another SEO trick for 2014 here:

Another search engine optimisation trick: you can also utilize your Meta description to target long tail keywords. Because Meta description is only seen by user agents past the point of 160 characters, therefore, more than 160 characters can be utilized to include long tail keywords, so here are more SEO tricks:

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    SEO tips and tricks shows how to utilize meta keywords for training Google
    to understand your website content and how you can indirectly use meta
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