SEO Tips and Tricks – SEO Optimization Tips + Creating Backlinks

SEO Tips and Tricks

Anyone looking for SEO Tips and Tricks go ahead and watch this video on the foundation of search engine optimization – on-page SEO and the off-page SEO.

If you need more SEO Optimization Tips after watching the video just head over to my site and find out how to generate backlinks quickly and easily.

In general, the number of high quality, relevant sites that point to your site, the higher your rank will be in the search engines. On page SEO is pretty simple, especially with all the plugins out there, but how do you generate links to your site quickly and easily?

Click the link below to find out how I generate thousands of links within minutes, and start creating backlinks like I do today!

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SEO Tips and Tricks
SEO Optimization Tips
Creating Backlinks
Generate backlinks

24 thoughts on “SEO Tips and Tricks – SEO Optimization Tips + Creating Backlinks

  1. Anoosh Kashefi

    Coming from the guy that found my “seo tips and tricks” video on the first
    page of Google? Apparently, my techniques get me ranked and drive traffic..
    Do yours??

  2. Cesar Augusto

    I did’t get here through google, don’t be ridiculous… This is just a
    video spam that takes almost 3 minutes to say nothing concrete, but trying
    to get to some random site. What kind of site is allnewreviews , i’m sure
    no one smart will fall for that. If someone is interested in this topic, go
    and get advice from pros or serius journalist like: GoogleWebmasterHelp
    Google’s mat cutts SEOMoz Hubspot searchenginejournal (twitter user
    sejourna) mashable

  3. Anoosh Kashefi

    Ok, Cesar. Those are great places to learn seo. What kind of site is
    AllNewReviews? Well, it is a review site that helps people save money.
    Sorry you don’t see the power in learning SEO from someone ranking and
    actually making money online. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for
    your opinion! Much appreciated..

  4. Santoso Paulus

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  5. Taylor Watkins

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  6. sea yapa

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  7. Spook SEO

    A perception that people have about link building is that it’s compicated
    and needs tons of resources. Actually… there are several ways fo ryou to
    go about this without having to break an arm and a leg. You can just do
    guest posting which isn’t really complicated at all. You can just message
    hte admin, tell them that you love their site (and make sure that you do
    love it) and ask if you contribute to their site’s content. That’s all
    there is to it.

  8. Salim Ammara

    Absolutly NOT !! this is some kind of Grey-black hat seo. automatic lincks
    generation is a bad, bad, bad thing to do. This is actually the best thing
    to do if you wanna kill your site… lets see where you are going to be
    rancking in few weeks

  9. Anoosh Kashefi

    ALL SEO IS ‘grey-black hat’.. Google doesn’t want us to do ANY SEO. And
    your quote “This is actually the best thing to do if you wanna kill your
    site…” is COMPLETELY false. The software is just that. SOFTWARE. It does
    NOTHING without your input TELLING IT WHAT TO DO. Telling it where to build
    links. You build links to your site, right? How the hell would Google know
    HOW the links were built. It doesn’t! Just like manual SEO, if you build
    too many links to fast you will get flagged/sandboxed.

  10. Salim Ammara

    Google is a little smarter than you might think. And actually there isnt
    juste google, do not mess with yahoo! it is even worst! If you think your
    lincks loock natural to people, it is not to google (that would be a signal
    to google that you are optimising your site) Natural linckbuilding is the
    way to go. i actually think about the people who are starting in SEO and
    who would take this video for exemple… PS:if you know about this
    software, i think google does too…

  11. Anoosh Kashefi

    Yes, Google does know about it. But this software does nothing more than
    build links to the SAME places you’re already building links, and on a
    scheduled basis. When you say ‘natural link building’ what does that mean?
    If you’re talking about sites naturally linking to you then you wound up on
    the wrong video. This is for people tired of spending hours building links
    manually, not someone waiting for links to be built naturally. Plus, your
    competition is using software like this so good luck.

  12. grigoras sandu

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    the right stuff and the right mentor 😀 Found mine at
    RNMONEAEYATHOME.HOSTEI.COM You should try it out

  13. Anoosh Kashefi

    Really, that squeeze page is where you found your mentor? That is a great
    way to start a relationship with your list… completely lie to them? Good
    luck on your journey, you’re gonna need it! 🙂


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