SEO tips for bloggers

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We had a Google hangout with digital marketing expert Alison Rothwell and respected blogger Helen Neale, where we discussed how social influencers can best use SEO to raise visibility and awareness of their blogs.

Get more tips and advice about blogging on with our How-Tos.

7 thoughts on “SEO tips for bloggers

  1. Hot Blog Tips

    Great tips ladies! I agree that some people are making basic SEO to
    complicated (in their mind) and then have a fear of it. Sheryl

  2. Spook SEO

    The best tip I have for bloggers is they should include their main keywords
    on their SEO title and post URL. These two are among the most important
    aspects of a blog. I believe it is also better that they position these
    keywords at the beginning.

  3. BritMums

    It’s hard not to get scared when you hear there is so much importance in
    SEO and yet it seems so opaque. But you’re right — it needn’t be.


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