25 thoughts on “SEO TIPS: Setting Up Yoast SEO Plugin To Avoid Duplicate Content

  1. Michael Vague

    I had NO idea this happens. I have so much duplicate content. Thanks for
    the heads up, Derek. I have a lot of work to do!

  2. Justice Paker

    Derek, I am not ‘techie’ at all, so I had to watch the video a couple of
    times to understand the problem.

  3. Marcia Jones

    Yeah, this is gonna be a pain in the azz to get corrected. I knew better
    now but I wish this video was done back in August.

  4. Mike Peter

    you have not set category as noinex, follow and in sitemap submission it
    should be excluded, or else tags and post both can link to sam article and
    create duplicate content issue. Kindly clear this if i am wrong or right ?

  5. grigoras sandu

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  6. Social Media Proz

    Thanks so much for the good information. I changed my plugin after watching
    this. We will do this to all the websites we create. Social Media Proz

  7. Spook SEO

    Thanks for sharing your very well informative video and ideas, you really
    did a great job of the walk-through and how we can use this one.

  8. Fryman Leday

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  9. Anthony Augustino

    What if I need to post the full post in the excerpt because each of my full
    posts is only 50 words and I want to make it convenient for readers who are
    on the category page? Can I just click noindex, follow for “Categories” and
    problem solved? If not, what do I do? Thanks.


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