Small Business Online Marketing Course – Video 5 : The Google Local Business Directory

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(08) 9467 7641 – We"ve been talking about the search results and how these are ads over here. Let"s go back to my salon example. This right here is known as the Google Local Business Directory. Essentially your business should absolutely be registered with the Google Local Business Directory. If you are not then you are missing out on being ranked here. Essentially signing up for Google Local Business Directory doesn"t cost anything. All you need to do is go to this url right here. Of course you can also go to the search engine and type in Google Local Business Directory and it will come up number one. You just click on this and it"s free, doesn"t cost anything. In fifteen minutes you can be all signed up and have your business listed. It is highly advantageous to do because, as you can see, when somebody types in Baltimore Salon, it displays a nice little map and there your listing is.
Now once you are in the listing, how do you get your listing to rank well? Well, if you are from a small town, I think that you"ll find that it is going to be a lot easier to rank in here and maybe you won"t need to do any optimization. However, if you are in a big town like I just showed you with Baltimore, my guess is you are going to come in here and hopefully get some traffic but as far as, if you are not appearing up here towards the top, you are missing out on a lot and it is going to require a bit more and it is something that you need an expert to help you with. However, there is no reason that you shouldn"t go out right now for free. It doesn"t cost anything. Stop the video; turn it off and go to right here and get your business in this directory. There are a ton of reasons that you should be in here. The directory listing itself is really nice. You can see that people can leave reviews on here. There"s a spot where you can have pictures, the hours that you are in operation, details of your service, you can even have coupons on here and of course it shows a map of how to get there as well. So it is really nice. It doesn"t cost anything. It"s one of the rare things that I say your business absolutely needs to be doing this so please get out there and do it and by all means if you would like an expert to help you I would love to help you rank better in it.

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