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Top Video Marketing Tools to Create Your Own Local Business Video- Part 1

Creating your own local business video for your online video marketing campaigns isn"t as expensive or complicated as you may imagine. Infact with a little help you can create your own video without resorting to a video production agency.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. A place to film
There are a number of places you can choose to film your video and with a little imagination you can find some awesome settings that will give your video a professional look. Here are some ideas:
• Your home office- obviously not the cluttered kind, but you seated behind your grand office desk, computer beside you and family photos or a bookshelf in the background. You can also pin up a black or white paper to serve as your background.
• A restaurant or bar
• Parks or gardens- these provide a serene setting and ample space.
• Buses, trains or other means of transport- this works well for those in the travel industry like travel agents or tour guides
• Your business premises- these work well if your business setting would provide an ideal match to the content of your video. E.g. a dentist recording a video about veneers would obviously film in his dentists office surrounded by the tools and equipment necessary for the dental procedure

2. A video recording device.
You can choose from the wide range of different recording devices available such as:
• smart phones
• point and shoot digital cameras which have video recording features
• video cameras such as the Flip video camera
• Camcorder- these range from the hand camcorders to the large professional camcorders.
Each has its pros and cons but always make sure you use a video recording device that has an external microphone jack that supports stereo sound recording. This is because if you use the normal inbuilt microphone on most devices, your videos will have very poor sound quality especially if you"re filming outdoors. Using a microphone will filter out environmental sounds and cause your voice to come out clearly on the video.

In our next article we will look at 2 more tools- external microphones and tripods.

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