Typical Local Small Business Online Marketing Initial Conversation

http://www.MoreThanSEO.com — Animation video outlining a common initial conversation between a local small business owner and a consultant who understands internet and online marketing. On average, the local business owner is frustrated with what is needed to grow his or her business online, so the conversation gives some “birds eye view” answers to the most common questions and challenges facing a local business owner who does not know much about online marketing, website modification, or other ways to reach targeted prospects.

If you feel that this will help you or one your friends or colleagues then you are welcome to share the video via e-mail, social network sites, or any other way you wish.

Topics covered briefly are: online event calendar marketing, keyword research, conversion rates, why the look and feel of a website is not the top priority, having easy to find calls-to-action, online paid advertising, print advertising versus online marketing, and more.

Thank you and please feel free to leave your questions here or contact me through the website link listed earlier.

1 thought on “Typical Local Small Business Online Marketing Initial Conversation

  1. LocalProfitGeyser

    A unique videos showing animatrion to explain that typical small business
    owners need help in online marketing. Well done.


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