“Unplugged” Local Business and Online Marketing Guru Chat

“Unplugged” Local Business and Online and Offline Internet Marketing Open Chat.  Watch our global audience from the UK, New Zealand, USA and more discuss how to use Hangouts On Air (HOA) to make money, find clients and build authority. Wait until you hear how Jamie is killing it with Facebook marketing.

Fast Forward to about the 18 minute mark until I get to trim off the beginning.

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5 thoughts on ““Unplugged” Local Business and Online Marketing Guru Chat

  1. John Paduchak

    Thanks +Steve Rosenbaum Here are 2 links you asked us for. We are the OTO
    on this WSO at
    and our channel is http://www.youtube.com/jpaduchak if anyone is interested on
    promoting it on WF glad to give the JV info. Our full product and coaching
    will be rolling out shortly. Really appreciate the invite. look forward
    to talking more at the webinarjam demo. Was going to say on our channel we
    have several WebinarJam walkthrough demos now and at JohnPaduchak.com with
    a pretty cool bonus package.

  2. John Paduchak

    This was a great marketing chat tonight with +Steve Rosenbaum can”t wait
    to share some of this great info

  3. Steve Rosenbaum

    If you just see me whistling to myself, then fast forward to about the 18
    minute mark! I don’t seem to be able to trim this one for some reason.


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