Video Marketing For Your Online Business? 5 Hot Video Marketing Tips!

♥Video Marketing For Your Online Business – 5 Tips♥
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Here’s a blog post I wrote on How To Get More Views On YouTube: A Beginner’s Guide To Video Optimization. This blog post will go into all the techy stuff that I was talking about in my video:

Here’s a link to the 24 minute presentation that I was talking about that goes even deeper into video marketing tips and strategies for your online business:

Video Marketing is one of the most important elements you need to incorporate into your online business. Video marketing helps get your face out there, and builds trust with your potential customers since they can see you in person.
When someone is looking to do business with you on the internet, they most likely search on Google or on YouTube. So if you have an online business with a website, you can come up in the search engine on Google, but video marketing is even more powerful because people’s attention spans are short and so a quick video can be just as effective in promoting your online business.

In this video I talk about 5 video marketing strategies that will help build you get more traffic, leads and customers by using video.

I love video marketing because it’s free and it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to get customers from the internet. If you’re not using video in your marketing, it’s going to take you a lot longer to make money online.

So here are my 5 Video Marketing Tips To Get You Started.

0:54 Video Marketing for you online business TIP # 1
Once you know what you’re selling in your online business and you know who your niche market is, then the next step is to start creating videos to help solve their problems.

1:07 Video Marketing for your online business TIP # 2
Keyword Research. If you want to get high up in the search engines like Google and YouTube, you need to think about what your niche market is searching for on the internet. For instance – think about solving their problems again. You might want to create a How To Video. To learn more about keyword research, check out the link in the description below with the handy free tool that I use.

1:39 Video Marketing for your online business TIP # 3
Optimize Your Video on YouTube. After Google and Facebook, YouTube is the highest ranked website on the internet, so that’s where I put all my videos. To get your videos seen by your future customers, you must do On-Page Optimization where you include your keyword in the title, description and tags inside your video. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, there’s a link in the description below with step by step instructions.

2:13 Video Marketing for your online business TIP # 4
Off Page Optimization. You want to get website traffic and people seeing your videos, and that’s where Off-Page Optimization can really bring some juice to your videos. You should share your videos on social media, but there are also some really unique software programs that can help you get your videos viewed faster. Once again, check the link below for what you can do.

2:42 Video Marketing for your online business TIP # 5
Just Start Shooting – don’t worry about buying the fanciest camera on the market. I use the camera on my MacBook Pro and a Flip camera that I bought years ago.

To discover a way way to start your online business with video marketing, so that you can get customers and sales, click the link below this video in the description area for a free 24 minute presentation on how to use YouTube to get leads for your business.

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  1. Ravi Shah

    Tons of regular people now earn tons of cash who never thought they could.
    Copy and paste into Google Smarter Money Maker to see what they did.

  2. Dartford SEO

    Video Marketing is one of the best strategy to get costumers online. These
    marketing tips are so awesome! Many marketers will be inspired to do some
    video marketing to upgrade their leads. Well, thank you very much for this
    and I hope you will share more tips with us!

  3. Tania DeSa

    Great video packed with really helpful tips and advice. Felt your energy
    come through the screen. Thanks Meghan!

  4. Grant Linscomb

    Great advice Meghan! It also helps to ping your videos once you upload them
    to youtube, so the search engines know they exist right away.


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