Video Marketing Training for Local Business and Online Businesses

Live Video Marketing Training for local, small and online businesses. We cover what types of video you should be using for a local video marketing then move right into the what types of videos an online business should be using! Right after that we talk about the types of videos you should be using, we move right into how to use them to turn your video viewers into customers. leads, website traffic, and sales. Below you will find a complete outline of our entire video marketing training. Enjoy!

Intro and What’s Going To Be Covered: 5:50
Local Business Video Marketing (Types Of Videos To Do) – 15:13
Local Video Marketing Examples – 19:45
Types of Video Online Businesses, Bloggers and Websites Should Do – 26:30
Examples of Video Ads for Online Businesses – 29:28
Tip 1 & 2 – How To Get Website Traffic From Videos – 41:25
Final Tips and Tricks To Get Website Traffic and Leads/Sales – 48:20
Final Q & A on local video marketing, and video marketing for online businesses – 53:10

I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions please ask them in the comments section of this video! I would love to help you explode your video marketing!

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8 thoughts on “Video Marketing Training for Local Business and Online Businesses

  1. uShineVideo

    Excellent training from a hands on expert! Thanks for answering all of our
    questions on the live chat.

  2. Sold With Video

    Technically you can but I don’t recommend it. Try ranking your videos
    without it first and see what you can do…in my opinion the more natural
    you can rank the better.

  3. Rachel Loving-Spears

    I’m sad that I missed this. I just found this channel and have been looking
    for more info on creating videos for my business. I have a small spa, and
    through resent researching have been finding that video marketing is very
    successful in adding more traffic to your websites etc. Thank you for all
    of your hard work on this subject, looking forward to seeing more of your

  4. Sold With Video

    I’m glad you found it useful! I do calls/hangouts like every so often and I
    usually announce them on my Facebook page or to my newsletter. And I plan
    on releasing some more videos on YouTube pretty soon.


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