VV 37 – Business English Vocabulary for Internet Marketing 1

In this http://VideoVocab.TV lesson, we’ll look at English vocabulary related to Internet marketing. One of the most common approaches to Internet marketing is PPC, or pay per click advertizing, with ads displayed on websites organized into content networks.

7 thoughts on “VV 37 – Business English Vocabulary for Internet Marketing 1

  1. Prof. Orlando Ribeiro

    Professionals who are committed to learning English need more than just
    English to take part in the game. They require qualified educators who can
    guide them to bring English into their real lives. The way such educators
    can do that is promoting English learning for special purposes by preparing
    lessons which manage professional subjects as Internet Marketing, for

  2. Prof. Orlando Ribeiro

    Profissionais que estão comprometidos em aprender inglês precisam mais que
    saber inglês para fazer parte do jogo. Eles precisam de educadores
    qualificados que os orientem a trazer o inglês para dentro de suas vidas.
    Tais educadores fazem isso promovendo a aprendizagem de inglês orientada a
    objetivos e interesse, preparando aulas e conteúdo que priorizam temas
    profissionais como Internet Marketing, por exemplo.

  3. Kasia Sawicz English teacher

    Internet Marketing – basic vocabulary
    VV 37 – Business English Vocabulary for Internet Marketing 1


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