25 thoughts on “YouTube SEO Tips That No One Knows – Powerful Tips

  1. Danny Gomez

    Nice video. The only thing that bothered me was your speaking. Although you
    seem to be quite knowledgable, your voice conveys doubt to me. Work on that
    and you’ll be more likely to get people to visit your website and like your

  2. Spook SEO

    Updated techniques on how to get the job done is what people need to
    survive this kind of business. Each and every time, search engines are
    enhancing their systems to make it more even to their users and, of course,
    to their clients. Following these rules will definitely give you a good

  3. 1Nacster

    Actually i came here trying to find a video that shows me how to use all
    the google plus features with youtube. xD but this is good!

  4. Chad Ramirez

    Did a search for “how to make money online” and your video isn’t there on
    the first page or the second :/

  5. Demetrius Palacios

    I always get emails from Dave & Dave and Empowerment Network??? Are you
    one of the Dave’s ??? I had heard from someone that said you are in Costa

  6. Paulstreet SEO

    Wow absolutely unbelievable! Thanks to you Im gonna go make millions with
    these YouTube SEO tips! Ive gotta say Dave you are an amazing leader and
    someone that everyone should follow online. Thanks again!

  7. Dartford SEO

    It is such a great opportunity to reap dynamic and reliable source of
    information regarding on Youtube SEO. I strongly agree that these ideas
    could probably help your webpage to get ranked higher. All in all, I found
    these details worth learning after all. I must be grateful to the secrets
    that being bestowed by this video. Thank you! 

  8. Johng114

    Hi, everything is going well here and ofcourse every one is sharing information, that’s really fine, keep up writing. bdgdedcgdked


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